Texas lawmaker calls for legalization of medical marijuana

Texas lawmaker calls for legalization of medical marijuana

Published on 12/31/18

Texas has long been a heavily conservative state and it's legislators have figured staying in that lane was the only way to ensure re-election, but now some lawmakers are looking to break the stigma of marijuana and conservative values. Lawmakers in Texas are expected to begin heavily debating a true medical marijuana bill beginning on Jan. 8 this year, a comprehensive medical marijuana program that far outreaches that of the current Texas Compassionate Use Program which limits cannabis to patients with intractable epilepsy only. Some lawmakers are hoping that soon patients with PTSD, chronic pain, and many elderly patients will have access to proper cannabis medication and join the progressive medical achievements of the majority of the United States.

“What keeps medical marijuana from moving forward is the fear that politicians have of getting retribution at the ballot box,” Menendez suggested.

There is still a very real stigma, he said, attached to just the use of the word marijuana.

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