Can you fly with marijuana within legalized states?

Can you fly with marijuana within legalized states?

Published on 2/6/18

Cannabis is now legal and recreationally available to 1 in 5 americans, so many are now asking the question, can I travel with pot on a plane? The short answer is no, airports around the U.S. do not want you to bring cannabis with you on a plane and reserve the right to call local law enforcement when it's found on you or in your bags. However if you're in a cannabis legal state then theres really nothing for law enforcement to do because no crime was committed. Available options become throw your buds away, lock it up in an amnesty box, give it to a friend in the terminal, or take it back to your vehicle. TSA's primary purpose remains to find weapons, explosives, and any threat to the plane or passengers, they aren't actually looking for drugs at all but they must report it if they're found. 

But at most commercial airports in California, as in other states where possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana is now legal, once airport law enforcement steps in, nothing much usually happens. 

According to the Los Angeles Airport Police, which operates at Los Angeles International Airport and several other Southern California airports, if someone is stopped by the TSA with a state-legal amount of medical of recreational marijuana, airport police would not charge them with anything, “Because it is not a crime.”

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