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Denver approves first social marijuana license, allowing vaping and edibles in Lincoln Park coffee shop

News Posted Feb 25 2018

One major problem that every legal marijuana state runs into is where cannabis consumers are allowed to consume, but now Denver has set a precedent for cities around the U.S. to follow as they approved the nation's first business license to allow cannabis use. The business is called The Coffee Joint and they offer customers 21 or older somewhere to relax and enjoy coffee while also being allowed to legally vape or eat cannabis products, though smoking is prohibited indoors still. The Coffee Joint is also unable to sell cannabis products, so if you forget your vape or canna-snack you can go next door to the neighborhood dispensary and restock. This marks the first business other than an actual cannabis dispensary that has allowed consumption inside and will pave the way for future businesses to begin including cannabis consumers in their daily business.

The owners of the shop, which has ownership ties to a dispensary next door, had been expecting official approval after a public license hearing Feb. 9 drew no opposition. Now co-owner Rita Tsalyuk is eager to allow consumption sometime in the next couple weeks, pending building and safety inspections, along with a schedule of yoga classes and educational and art events.

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