In swipe at Trump, Berkeley becomes sanctuary city for marijuana

In swipe at Trump, Berkeley becomes sanctuary city for marijuana

Published on Feb 18, 2018

The voters in the United States continuously show that they believe cannabis should be legal, and in a new development in California the city and college of Berkeley are declaring themselves to be a sanctuary for adult cannabis use. The new law would stop city agencies and employees from reporting on local cannabis activities and enforcing cannabis laws. The law is both a stand for common sense justice and resisting the Trump administration that is choosing to threaten state legal cannabis programs. An amendment to the bill would allow local police to discuss gang and criminal activity with the DEA instead of cannabis activity. 

The resolution prohibits city agencies and employees from assisting in enforcing federal marijuana laws and share information on legal cannabis activities, the report said.

“I believe we can balance public safety and resisting the Trump administration,” Mayor Jesse Arreguin said at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The resolution is a message of support to the cannabis industry and one of resistance to the federal government, the report said.

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