Marijuana sales overtake alcohol in US city for first time

Marijuana sales overtake alcohol in US city for first time

Published on 2/7/18

Cannabis culture has grown dramatically over the last 10 years as states have begun legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, it's no surprise that some places might prefer cannabis over booze. For the first time a U.S. city, Aspen, CO, has sold more marijuana than alcohol as of 2017. Cannabis sales in Aspen grew 16% from 2016-17 and licensed dispensaries brought in $11.3 million last year. One interesting theory from a Colorado businesman and cannabis podcast host says that visitors of Aspen know the high altitude comes with difficulty drinking alcohol the first several days and they get curious about trying something different. It's no wonder cannabis is a great alternative when it's widely available and does not bring any of the nausea or hangovers associated with alcohol. 

It is believed to be the first time legal marijuana sales have eclipsed those of alcohol anywhere in the US.

Aspen’s first cannabis shop opened in March 2014, three months after legislation for taxing and regulating sales came into force across Colorado. By the next year the resort, which has a population of less than 7,000, had seven licensed distributors.

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