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Massachusetts fears medical marijuana shortage once adult-use sales launch

News Posted Feb 19 2018

Officials in Massachusetts are concerned that once the state's recreational cannabis program kicks off in July that the state's cannabis supply will not be enough to cover both the medical and recreational demand. There are currently 22 medical dispensaries in the state to take care of 46,300 patients who consume around 29,000 ounces of cannabis a month. There's no telling exactly how much recreational demand there is going to be this summer, but officials are worried that new cultivators wont be up and running in time, some predict it could be 1.5-3 years before their first harvests. Other states like Nevada and Washington have both experienced similar issues as their recreational programs began but when there is a will there is a way.

According to, industry analysts are convinced there won’t be enough cannabis to support both markets, citing supply problems in other states that added adult-use programs, including Nevada and Washington.

Industry watchers believe it will take too long for businesses to develop a robust supply source to meet the demand for two customer bases.

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