UK Parliament To Debate Medical Marijuana Bill This Week

UK Parliament To Debate Medical Marijuana Bill This Week

Published on 2/3/18

Medical cannabis is a huge topic in many countries around the world including in the United Kingdom where a major debate on legislation will be held tomorrow (Friday). One goal of the unreleased legislation is to reschedule cannabis under British Law as well as allow for medical cannabis to be prescribed to patients by a doctor. Recent press reports in the UK feature a family with a 6 year old boy who has severe epilepsy, an illness that is commonly treated by cannabis medications in the United States, had his appeal to the government rejected that would've allowed him to use medical cannabis. Now his family is forced to either break the law or sit by and watch as their 6 year old son has seizures and turns blue up to 30 times a day. Though not guaranteed, the bill could have a vote tomorrow which would advance it to be read and debated by a further committee.

The issue of medical marijuana is gaining prominence in the UK as recent press reports have focused on the case of Alfie Dingley, a six-year-old boy whose family is seeking government approval for him to use cannabis to treat severe epilepsy.

The government of Prime Minister Theresa May (Conservative) rejected the family’s appeal this week.

In remarks on the House floor on Tuesday, Flynn advised Dingley’s family to disregard criminal prohibition and provide him with the cannabis he needs.

“I would urge them to break the law, because the law in this case is an ass,” he said.

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