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AutoNation Just Decided to Stop Caring About Pot Smoking

News Posted Jan 28 2018

As cannabis has become legal in more states every year there has been a quick shift in opinions of citizens, politicians, and finally there have been changes in business practices. It's been a hot topic these last few years that it may be legal to consume cannabis in your state, but an employer retains the right to deny or terminate you based on a THC positive drug test. AutoNation Inc. is the country's largest auto-dealer and have changed their policy to ignore THC positive drug tests, meaning the company does not see cannabis use as a bad thing. AutoNation has only loosened their drug policy for cannabis though, they will still deny and terminate employees for using other illegal substances. Though this policy change may seem like common sense, some are worried of backlash from cannabis opponents and fear this policy change being taken as a political statement. 

“Companies recognize that they don’t screen for alcohol,” said John Challenger, co-founder of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a Chicago-based employment firm. “So why would they do it for pot? As the war for talent grows and gets fiercer, it makes no sense to rule out a whole segment of candidates on something that just is no longer relevant.”

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