Pot Could Be Delivered To Your Doorstep Under Proposed Legislation

Where's Weed

Published on 1/29/18

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Colorado may have been first to legalize recreational marijuana but the state has decided to let other states take the lead on certain advancements in legalization. Oregon, California and Nevada have all successfully rolled out state licensed cannabis delivery programs without much trouble and now Colorado is on their way to being next on that list. While some are concerned that deliveries could bring unwanted federal attention others are interested in the possibility of keeping inebriated drivers off the road by pushing for deliveries. If the proposed bill is passed it would establish a temporary pilot program to allow adults over the age of 21 and registered medical marijuana patients to order cannabis and have it delivered. The bill currently only allows for 15 delivery licenses. 

The latest proposal would limit the geographic reach of deliveries, the number of licensed operations and the length of the trial period. If approved, medical or recreational marijuana could be picked up from a licensed dispensary or store and delivered by a delivery provider licensed by the state. But only to registered medical marijuana cardholders or to adults, aged 21 and over.