First Satellite Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in South Burlington

First Satellite Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in South Burlington

Published on 7/12/18

Vermont's medical marijuana program will soon see an important expansion that will allow many of the patients living outside of major cities easier access and a much more relaxed experience. Though Vermont's medical marijuana law only allows for up to 5 retail licenses in the state another bill was passed that allowed the owners of those licenses to be allowed to open another separate location. Champlain Valley has operated their primary dispensary in downtown Burlington since 2013, but at the end of this month they will open their newest location located in South Burlington which will allow patients the luxery of not having to travel downtown and deal with parking and crowds. Currently Champlain Valley is deliverying medical marijuana allover the state through a phone ordering system and they say they will soon have an online ordering system up and running.

Conry said the dispensary delivers “all over the state.” Patients currently need to phone in orders, but Conry said the dispensary is incorporating new computer software that will allow for online ordering. 

“Lots of patients use the delivery service,” said Conry. “Some of our patients have mobility issues or are too sick to come in person.”

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