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Past ‘pot’ use will no longer bar you from becoming a Chicago cop

News Posted Jul 18 2018

Law enforcement officers have been held to a certain standard for many years when it comes to being hired, but as the times are changing the Chicago Police Department decided they should too. For years any type of illicit substance use or using prescription meds that weren't yours would be enough to get your Chicago PD application disqualified, but now that cannabis is legal in many different states for both recreational and medical use those standards have changed. Law enforcement officials say they look at each applicant case-by-case to find out the context of use and nowadays 80% of the Human Resources Board cases are appeals from disqualified candidates. The standards have changed, but that doesn't mean officers are permitted to use cannabis in a legal state. To be considered as an officer in Chicago you must be 3 years clean from canabis, but having a history of using cannabis alone does not disqualify you anymore.

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