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7 mayors form coalition, want marijuana removed from federal list of illegal drugs

News Posted Jun 12 2018

In hopes of ushering in a new era of change 7 mayors from marijuana legal states have come together to create a coalition of support for the federal reform of legalized cannabis. Last week the President acknowledged his support for a bipartisan bill proposed by members of Congress that would remove the federal threat of a crackdown on states that choose to legalize the plant for medical or recreational purposes. The coalition of mayors have hands-on experience when it comes to regulating the new industry and ironing out the kinks and want to offer their knowledge and support as the U.S. transitions towards legal cannabis in nearly every state. They have admitted that cannabia prohibition has failed in many aspects and want to right the wrongs of the past. 

"As mayors of cities that have successfully implemented and managed this new industry, we have hands-on experience that can help Congress take the right steps to support other local governments as they prepare to enter this new frontier," said Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, who led the coalition. "We all face common challenges."

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