Marijuana Test Strips Give Immediate Indication Of Pot

Marijuana Test Strips Give Immediate Indication Of Pot

Published on 6/5/18

The battle of testing for cannabis just got a whole lot easier as a new product is readily available that can detect cannabis in a moments notice. A new type of test strip has been developed for detecting many types of legal and illegal substances and they're already being used by law enforcement and schools. All it takes is a q-tip of the substance being wiped onto the test strip and you'd quickly be sure if the substance contains cannabis. Vaporizer pens have become increasingly common in the last few years and many legal cannabis states sell cannabis oil products compatibile with vape pens. The effectiveness of these test strips greatly increases anyone's ability to detect cannabis the tests will likely become more common around the country since it is not easily distinguishable what vape pen cartridges contain.

Miles Callahan is managing director of Denver based S2 Detection Technologies which makes and distributes the test kits. He says this is a much better way of checking for marijuana than relying on smelling it.

“This is ground breaking technology,” he said.

He demonstrated how it works by comparing items that do not have marijuana with those that do. A positive test for pot turns out red on the strips.

Vape pens can be used for nicotine, pot or both.

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