Canadian Advocacy Group Criticizes Marijuana Packaging Restrictions

Canadian Advocacy Group Criticizes Marijuana Packaging Restrictions

Published on 3/28/18

Canada is on track to implement full marijuana legalization later this year but there are advocacy groups who are concerned about some of the proposed regulations and want to get the word out before they become law. The primary concern for regulators is to keep this newly legalized substance out of the hands of underage kids, however some argue that the proposed regulations on packaging would actually make it easier for the black market to thrive. In it's current form the proposal suggests that marijuana packaging be sold in the most basic and blank of containers. No colors, no mascots, nothing uniquely identifying or eye catching, which some are saying makes it easier to illegally copy and use as a disguise for illegal product. The strict rules also seem bizarre when considering the country's policy on alcohol packaging, of which there no such color/mascot limitations. Another proposed regulation and possibly the most harmful is taking the ability away from a brand to educate the customer about the product including the intended effects.

Though cannabis will be completely legal as of this summer, marijuana retail will be a lot more limited. Whereas liquor companies can design colorful labels and even build stadiums like the Budweiser Stage in Toronto, marijuana brands can’t even design a brand mascot.

These Restrictions Could Be Dangerous
“Second,” Mr. Clement continues, “[these restrictions] fail to realize that brands and branding convey knowledge to consumers. This is a big problem because a lot of people will be entering the cannabis market for the first time.”


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