Medical Marijuana in Malta is Officially Legal

Medical Marijuana in Malta is Officially Legal

Published on 3/26/18

Malta is a small island country located in the Mediterranean Sea and could soon be a big influence on the European medical cannabis market. In hopes of providing relief for patients and bringing a necessary economic boost lawmakers have decided this week to legalize medical marijuana after debating rules and regulations for some time. Patients with qualifying conditions for medical marijuana will be able to seek a prescription from the family doctor and then follow up by registering for a medical marijuana card with the Superintendent of Public Health. Once receiving the card patients will be able to purchase cannabis in many different forms from a local pharmacy. Despite being able to purchase raw plant cannabis consuming by smoke inhalation remains illegal in the country and can lead to the patients medical card being revoked if caught. Some advocates on the island say the qualifying conditions do not reach far enough as the law only allows for patients with Chronic pain, muscle problems stemming from multiple sclerosis, and side effects of chemotherapy to receive a medical card.

“Medical cannabis has now been legalized and is accessible for patients who need it,” the group wrote.

“All forms of medical cannabis will be available, including the raw plant which can be vaporized or brewed in tea.”

While many celebrated the law as a step forward, there were also critiques. Most prominently, many advocates were critical of the limited scope of the law.

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