Veterans want the option of medical marijuana

Veterans want the option of medical marijuana

Published on 3/1/18

It's no argument that opioid pain killers are wreaking havoc on many people around the U.S. including veterans who are often prescribed what is known as a "combat cocktail" by the VA. The combat cocktail is often a mixture of drugs including opioid pain killers, psychotropics , blood pressure drugs, and anything that might counteracat the side effects of other drugs, but with so many veterans becoming addicted and asking for an alternative, why is it so hard to allow their doctors to discuss medical cannabis with them? Unfortunately there are currently laws stopping those discussions, but Congressman Gaetz has introduced legislation that would partially lift these rules and allow VA doctors to talk to vets about cannabis and potential research trials.

"The federal government has got a law against it. It's a criminal act," he exclaimed. "So which do you want to lose? You want to lose your VA benefits or you want to be out of pain?"

He wants more research and wants veterans to be given every option that might help them, including medical marijuana. Rumple continued, "You're looking at a world that would rather you be quiet and take what we tell you than to let's hear your story and help you."

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