2 sides present views on medical marijuana in Indiana

2 sides present views on medical marijuana in Indiana

Published on 5/13/18

It's hard to understand how there are two sides to debate when approving medical progress and a patient's well-being, but when it comes to people's predisposed negative ideas of cannabis some people refuse to see the positives. Indiana lawmakers have begun debates on the future of medical marijuana in the state and while most people are excited some are choosing to continue to spread falsities and propaganda. Advocates of medical marijuana highlight the amount of chronic pain patients in Indiana right now who are being treated with addictive and harmful opioid pain killers. These illnesses could easily be treated with much safer and less addictive medical marijuana, but some are determined to stop that progress even if they have to lie. David Powell of the Indiana Prosecuting Attorney's Council  insists that medical marijuana does not lower opiate use and instead increases it by 3x. He could not be more wrong and it's remarkably easy to find plenty of mainstream sources citing major studies proving that states with medical marijuana laws experience significant reductions in opioid abuse. Luckily it seems that Indiana will be introducing medical marijuana legislation within the next year, how much support it will receive is a unknown.

"The biggest thing that'll come from this is lives will be saved, suffering will be reduced, and we will be getting tax revenue from ths medicine that we're not getting right now," he said.

Phipps said, "We have a lot of chronic pain patients in this state. Chronic pain is being treated with opioids right now. That is what's leading to most of the addictions we're seeing on the streets that's killing our people. We need a safe alternative.


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