A drug derived from marijuana just got a big lift that will likely make it the first of its kind to get federal approval

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Published on 5/15/18

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Over the last two years you may recall hearing about the medication called Epidiolex, and you'll likely begin hearing it's name a lot more as it gets closer and closer to becoming the first cannabis based FDA approved medication. From the beginning Epidiolex even had support from the FDA when they labelled the drug "fast track" in order to give it a priority for research and treatments. Epidiolex is showing great promise in it's international studies for treating two types of epilepsy that have proven to be very difficult to treat, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. The several recent studies all have similar findings in that the high-dose group experienced about a 40% decrease in seizures per month while the lower dose group saw about a 30% decrease in seizures. Though the higher dose was slightly more effective, researchers say the lower dose might be the sweet spot due to the effectiveness and lack of side effects.

But the recent study results are evidence that a lower dose of the drug could still provide significant benefits while producing fewer symptoms.

"The major finding from this is that the 10-milligram-per-kilogram dose is going to be a more ideal dose for most. With the 20 milligram, there will probably be a little bit more of a benefit but the side effects are greater," Devinsky said.