Key Questions And Answers On SQ 788, Oklahoma’s Vote On Medical Marijuana

Key Questions And Answers On SQ 788, Oklahoma’s Vote On Medical Marijuana

Published on 5/3/18

In June Oklahoma voters will have their chance to decide if they think medical marijuana should be legalized in their state. State Question 788, if passed, would legalize a regulated medical marijuana program and allow patients who have been recommended by their physician to purchase and possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis. It would allow patients to receive a medical marijuana license for $100 to be renewed every 2 years and patients on Medicaid or Medicare would be charged $25. Licensed patients would also be allowed to grow up to 6 cannabis plants at home as well as 6 seedlings. A 7% sales tax on cannabis products would be added ontop of local and state sales taxes and the money would go towards funding the regulatory program. Though some Oklahomans are concerned about what happens after legalizing the state has collected data from their neighboring states who have already legalized marijuana like Colorado. Colorado has seen no significant increase of use in youths as well as no increase in traffic fatalities, which are often primary concerns when considering legalization.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health will create a regulatory office to oversee the program. This office will receive all licensing applications related to medical marijuana and would be funded by medical marijuana sales taxes. To get a medical marijuana license, Oklahomans 18 and older would need to get a physician’s signature attesting that they need medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana has been legal in some states for years. Colorado voters approved it in 2000. Colorado Department of Transportation spokesman Sam Cole said that state has not seen an increase in impaired driving, even after recreational marijuana was approved in 2012.

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