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Marijuana cultivators find ways to shorten curing process

News Posted May 9 2018

When it comes to growing cannabis on a premium scale there exists the belief that a proper quality curing process, after it's done growing and is cut and trimmed, takes about 30-60 days to get the desired aroma and flavor profiles. But as the demand for high quality cannabis has increased exponentially since many states have begun legalizing cultivators have had to figure out faster methods to move product. Growers near Spokane, Washington have figured out that some of their best flower can be ready 10 days after harvest, which is hugely significant when compared to 30-60 days after harvest. To be able to achieve this it takes carefully grown and monitored plants and using a simple but diligent method aiming for top shelf quality, but not without practice and learning the best method for each plant.

Morelli and other growers believe that with a simple, properly executed strategy, well-grown flower needs only a couple of weeks (give or take) to reach top-shelf quality.

“What we’re trying to do is achieve the kind of terpene and cannabinoid profile that we want,” said Corey Barnette, CEO and chief grower at District Growers, a producer-processor in Washington DC.


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