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Marijuana-infused beer? This bill would ban it in Michigan

News Posted May 1 2018

Despite so many states relaxing their laws to allow some forms of cannabis, some Michigan legislators want to see to it that their state never allows the sale of cannabis-infused beer. Senator Rick Jones is worried about the effect that the combination of alcohol and cannabis has on a bar patron who might intend to drive. While drivers are allowed to operate a vehicle with minimal alcohol in their system, adding the presence of edible cannabis can effect different people in varying intensities and timeframes. These types of regulations are going to come up more in conversation as the state moves closer to potentially legalizing recreational cannabis through the election ballot this November.

“Bartenders are required right now to judge how much a patron has had to drink. It’s hard enough to do with alcohol without adding in THC,” he said, referring to the active ingredient in marijuana that provides the “high” that many cannabis users are seeking.  “The other element — you can drive with a small amount of alcohol in your system, but you can’t drive with any level of THC. There is zero tolerance.”


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