Marijuana Isn’t Addictive, Former A.G. Eric Holder Says

Marijuana Isn’t Addictive, Former A.G. Eric Holder Says

Published on 5/18/18

The former Attorney General of the United States recently spoke out in support of rescheduling cannabis to allow for research after he specifically states that cannabis is not addictive. During his days as Attorney General he had the power to push for rescheduling but instead wanted it to come from Congress. Instead, during his time as AG he issued the Cole Memo which protected states from federal interference while allowing them to create and regulate their own marijuana laws. Since his departure from office he has continued to speak out in support of cannabis including his statement that it is "inappropriate" for cannabis to be scheduled next to heroin. Another primary concern of his was the racial disparity that comes with the drug war and the need for laws to represent reality inistead of arresting a majority of black and hispanic youth. 

“We need to move marijuana from Schedule I, so research can be done,” Holder said in the new NY1 interview. “It is classified now on the same level as heroin is, and clearly that is inappropriate.”

“I’ve never seen any scientific evidence that points you to concerns about addiction through the use of marijuana,” former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in an interview published on Friday by NY1.

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