Oregon to pause accepting marijuana license applications

Oregon to pause accepting marijuana license applications

Published on 5/25/18

Oregon is famous as one of the early adapter states who legalized recreational cannabis first and now they're going to have to slow down their regulation team because they're simply getting too much interest from potential business owners. Since Oregon legalized recreational cannabis back in 2016 they have awarded around 1,900 licenses, but the rate of license applications hasn't slowed down which is causing regulators to not be able to focus on anythign passed licensing. In order to take care of more pressing regulations the state has announced they'll be halting license applications submitted after June 15 until their backlog is finished being reviewed. While regulators take care of current issues they have said they plan on addressing new licensing by next year.

The commission says it has issued almost 1,900 recreational marijuana licenses since April 2016 as well as almost 29,000 marijuana worker permits.

The agency says the pace of application submissions has not eased, causing the review process to lengthen.

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