They Let Their 15-Year-Old Son Smoke Pot to Stop His Seizures. Georgia Took Him Away.

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Published on 5/27/18

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In another upsetting legal matter a 15 year old boy was taken from his parents after they admitted to his therapist that they had been giving him marijuana to treat his seizures. The young man had been having several seizures a day, enough to worry any parent or family member, and after no success with prescription medication the family decided to try cannabis, and it worked extremely well. The boy went from having many painful and terrifying seizures everyday to not having 1 seizure for 71 days -- when his family was told by police to stop treating with cannabis he was in the hospital 14 hours later having one of his worst seizures yet. During his cannabis treatment his doctors were made aware and although they acknowledge it is not concrete proof of cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy, it is important and should not be ignored. The parents are now working extra jobs to pay legal fees in an attempt to regain custody of their son who is in a group home.

“Even with the ramifications with the law, I don’t care,” said Mr. Brill, his stepfather. “For 71 days he was able to ride a bike, go play, lift weights. We were able to achieve that with David medicated not from Big Pharma, but David medicated with marijuana.”

Ms. Brill said the authorities “want to argue the legality of marijuana instead of taking care of the kid.”