Marijuana for menstrual cramps: The new way women are using weed

News Posted Nov 18 2018

Pain management is one of the most common uses for cannabis and to some the idea of taking cannabis for menstrual pain is revolutionary, but others are saying the practice has been around for thousands of years. While the FDA  has not specifically approved any cannabis mestrual pain medication there are several companies that have released products for just that. Some shops in legal states or online are selling cannabis tampons that are suppositories meant to dissolve in the vagina and provide hours of relief from pain, loss of appetite, aches, and general unpleasantness associated with menstrual cramps. While there is currently no data examining the effectiveness of such treatments Harvard University announced last month their plan for a study in the near future using these products in hopes of leading the way towards an official FDA trial and approval. Several of these products are not yet available in Michigan but with the state recently legalizing recreational cannabis some officials are expecting the products sooner over later.

"It provides probably more importantly in this case relief from cramping. It's an antispasmodic." Dr. Gendelman adds they should give you about four to six hours of pain relief and help with other PMS symptoms, "It won't do much for bloating we'll admit that. But the feeling of yuck. The lack of appetite, the achiness, and the menstrual cramping it helps all of those. They shouldn't feel high. They feel relaxed. The CBD is not psycho active. The straight CBD products are impossible to overdose on. There is not a way to do it."

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