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Canadians worry legal marijuana could get them banned from crossing into the U.S.

News Posted Oct 18 2018

This week Canada legalized recreational cannabis and even though most U.S. states bordering their northern neighbors have some form of legalized cannabis it is still federally illegal to cross the border with it. Not only is crossing the Canada/US border with marijuana enough to get you banned from entering the U.S. it appears that even being associated with legal Canadian marijuana businesses can do it. Being a part of Canada's marijuana industry, medical or recreational, even as an investor, has many Canadians afraid of the lifetime ban that is being implemented by the Trump administration. These potential bans not only have Canadians scared but many northern cities rely on the business of Canadian visitors and whether this ban means less visitors total or backed up lines at the border it could hurt sales for lots of cities. 

“It’s become a very significant issue,” said Scott Bettridge, a Miami-based immigration attorney with the national law firm of Cozen O’Connor. "They’ve confirmed that if you work in the industry or are even an investor, you could potentially face a lifetime (ban) on entering the U.S. This isn’t a ban just on businesses travel – we’re talking vacation, family reasons, visiting your kid in school in the United States. It’s a lifetime ban. It’s very far-reaching.”

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