Medical marijuana approved in RI for children with autism

Medical marijuana approved in RI for children with autism

Published on 10/14/18

Rhode Island medical marijuana advocates are celebrating this week as the state's Department of Health approved a petition that would allow certain medical marijuana treatments for patients with autism. Specifically there is a push from parents to get their children with autism access to the medication to help ease some of the symptoms or harmful behaviors. To be eligible for medical marijuana a doctor must document the previous medication and it's ineffectiveness. Then CBD will be recommended before any medical marijuana therapy. Follow-up developments must be monitored by multiple medical physicians and if the treatment is found not to be helpful after 3 months it will be discontinued. Missouri will now be 1 of 8 states to allow medical marijuana treatment for autism.

Nicole Cervantes testified in August that her son used to bang his head so hard, his forehead was sphere-shaped. She said his behavior improved after she started giving him CBD.

Hasbro Children's Hospital pediatrician Dr. Randal Rockney also testified, saying the drug could potentially help "manage the behavioral manifestations" autism.

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