No more marijuana? Canadian pot 'craze' creates shortages days after sales begin

Where's Weed

Published on 10/19/18

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It's been less than one week that recreational cannabis has been legal in Canada and already many businesses have listed in their stores and on their websites that they are low or out of certain products. The first official day of legal sales exceeded expectations with over 12,500 transactions inside stores and 30,000 online. Different provinces are handling certain cannabis regulations differently and while some are worried they might be experiencing shortages like this for months, others have high hopes that orders will still be able to be fulfilled within a week. One official says that suppliers are struggling to meet the demand of the entire nation but that they do have a "pretty good infrastructure in place..." and things will work out.

Within days, some products were posted as unavailable on the website.

"Given the craze created by the legalization of cannabis and the scarcity of products across Canada, the SQDC expects significant short-term supply challenges for branches," the company said.