Sand Springs Business Teaches How To Grow Marijuana

Sand Springs Business Teaches How To Grow Marijuana

Published on 10/17/18

Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry may be young but advocates are reaching out to help newcomers see all the potential in the wonderful cannabis plant. Not only is medical marijuana available for purchase in Oklahoma but you're also able to grow your own. And thanks to a helpful business you don't have to figure out the specifics of growing your first cannabis plant on your own. The company called Grow Pro holds classes every Wednesday and Saturday where they teach new growers the ins and outs of growing cannabis at home. They say it's not quite like growing tomatos or basil. To replicate the necessary outdoor cycle it takes a little science to make your indoor grow work, but with their guidance you will be able to grow your own medical marijuana forever. 

Grow Pro sells the soil, the pots, the fertilizers, just about everything you need to get started. 

"They're a little bit more finicky plants than your tomatoes, your basil, or your peppers, so those are things we try to cover in our class," said Goins.

It's a new kind of home farming, Angie thinks will catch on in Oklahoma. 

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