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California Gives Green Light to Marijuana Home Delivery

News Posted Feb 10 2019

California is setting trends that other states are eager to follow. This week California's cannabis bureau passed a regulation that would allow the delviery of recreational and medical marijuana right to the doorstep of your home. Previously there had been much confusion on which counties and cities had enacted what laws banning the sale and distribution of cannabis, however this new state regulation allows deliveries to be made in any city or county regardless of local cannabis laws. Despite the specific regulation, some local officials want to pass ordinances that would ban these deliveries, creating a contradicting laws. Local law enforcement will need to figure out the details of these conflicts, but some standard should be set soon as several other states are not far behind. 

Obviously, the many contradictory laws in a relatively small area incredibly confusing. But local officials and police will need to figure it out. That’s why Indian Wells Community Development Director David Gassaway told the Desert Sun the new regulation is “an affront to local control” and accused the state of “slowly creeping into local affairs more and more.”

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