Kentucky Governor Voices Support for Medical Marijuana as Legislature Weighs Bill

Where's Weed

Published on 2/24/19

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Two new measures have been submitted this session that would legalize and regulate medical marijuana in some forms in Kentucky and Governor Matt Bevin, a conservative Republican has announced his support of signing a medical cannabis bill. He didn't want to specifically support one bill too soon as they can undergo many changes during the legislative process, however he did say "There is incredible medicinal value associated with cannabis". During a forum the governor spoke of his 14-year-old nephew who lost a battle with cancer. He spoke of the harsh pharmaceutical drugs that these patients must resort to and the horrific side effects that come along with them. Governor Bevin's interest in medical cannabis is purely in helping patients who can benefit from it. He has specifically expressed his disinterest in making money with high taxes on the program as well as legalizing any form of recreational marijuana. 

For patients who could benefit from medical marijuana, Bevin said: “They should have the ability to use a natural drug that exists to provide relief … when it is needed, where it can be prescribed and regulated as we would other such drugs.”

“I’ve been given assurances it is going to move and I hope that it will,” he said. “If it does, it will pass.”