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Man sues over job rejection due to medical marijuana

News Posted Feb 10 2019

More lawsuits are sprouting around the United States involving state legal medical marijuana patients being terminated or denied employment soley based on their medical marijuana use. Recently a Connecticut man was applying for a position as a firefighter in Bridgeport. Everything was going smoothly as he passed all his requirements, except one. Despite being a state registered medical marijuana patient he was denied the job after testing positive for cannabis during a drug test. Medically, his condition does not hinder his ability to perform as a firefighter, but it does qualify him to use medical cannabis under Connecticut law. His laywer says under state law he cannot be denied the position as long as he's not using his medication during work hours. The patient has sued and the hearing will be on February 21.

The Connecticut Post reports that James Bulerin III says in his lawsuit that he passed all eligibility requirements to become a Bridgeport firefighter, but he was denied after he tested positive for marijuana.

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