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A Growing Chorus of Big City Prosecutors Say No to Marijuana Convictions

News Posted Jan 29 2019

The city of Baltimore, Maryland is taking a big step away from prohibition as the city's top prosecutor announced she will no longer be pursuing any marijuana possession cases for any quantity. The move comes as Baltimore sits atop the nation's list of cities with both the highest murder rate and the most broken relationship between police and citizens, a time where only 1 in 4 murder cases are being solved. Something nearly everyone with can agree on is that the time of law enforcement is much better served solving murders than arresting young people with a substance that will likely be as legal as alcohol very soon. Stopping the prosecution of marijuana crimes will also increase the rapport between police and citizens as the average cannabis consumer will no longer have any reason to fear cooperating with an investigation. 

“How are we going to expect folks to want to cooperate with us,” Ms. Mosby said in an interview in her office on Monday, “when you’re stopping, you’re frisking, you’re arresting folks for marijuana possession?”

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