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Cannabis deliveries OK’d in California: 'The public spoke loud and clear'

News Posted Jan 16 2019

Despite California legalizing the recreational possession and use of cannabis for all adults in the state there have been plenty of communities that have banned the sale of cannabis within their borders. Though the bans are permitted via the legalization bill a new regulation change has shifted the tides towards the consumer. The Bureau of Cannabis Control has sided with the public's interest by allowing the delivery of cannabis around the state, even to those living in communities that have banned the sale of the plant. This change greatly expands access to those who otherwise might have to travel great lengths out of their homes to buy cannabis even though California permitted every adult to be allowed to consume it. 

Cannabis companies and consumers had pushed for the change, since vast stretches of the state have banned pot activity or not set up rules to allow legal sales. That means residents in those areas were effectively cut off from legal marijuana purchases, even though sales are permitted for adults in California.

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