Indiana Cigarette Tax Hike, Legal Marijuana Bids Stalling

Indiana Cigarette Tax Hike, Legal Marijuana Bids Stalling

Published on Jan 16, 2019

Indiana's new legislative session is hosting a series of bills that could change the way cigarette, vape and medical cannabis consumers all purchase their products. A tax increase is being debated on both cigarettes and vape oil that would increase the state's tax revenue to over $500 million a year. The medical marijuana debate is also continuing in Indiana and though many states are highly interested in it's potential tax benefits, some are concerned that too many significant Indiana lawmakers are still not interested in going against the federal government's cannabis laws. Despite the disagreements, several medical marijuana bills and even a recreational marijuana bill have been filed in the state in hopes of educating and changing the minds of their opposers. Indiana has a strong support for veterans who are an emerging group in support of medical cannabis. As Indiana's neighbors, Michigan and Illinois are on the brink of recreational cannabis, many are wondering what will stop those who want the product from getting it anyways?

"Even if we don't do anything, we're going to be forced to deal with literally thousands of Hoosiers that every intellectually honest person knows are going to go to Michigan or Illinois and buy this," he said.

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