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Demand A Federal Hearing On Medical Marijuana

Political Posted Sep 11 2015

Earlier this year, the biggest bill supporting marijuana reform so far was introduced into Congress and has since gained some real momentum, though a vote has yet to be held. The bill in question, The CARERS Act, has the power to reschedule marijuana, allow veterans access, and let banks work with marijuana businesses without fear of consequence. The Drug Policy Alliance is taking the issue to the people with a petition urging a hearing and vote to be held giving the bill a fair chance for debate. Sign the petition and be one of many Americans who support marijuana law reform.

This piece of legislation would bring about a logical public policy change, and is one that is supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. You will be hard pressed to find something that has the support of 16 federal senators and a majority of the American people, yet isn’t being voted on. This is obviously unacceptable. The Drug Policy Alliance has started a petition urging Senator Grassley to put the bill to a vote.

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