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Marijuana Industry Cautiously Optimistic For Supreme Court Candidate

Political Posted Mar 17 2016

As the presidential campagin continues, so does the uncertainty of actually voting in the newest supreme court justice. Obama has appointed Judge Merrick Garland, who is now being researched by special interest groups of all kinds, curious how he could effect the oncoming years of surpreme court issues. While Garland has previously participated in a panel that denied marijuana from being reclassified down from schedule 1, he has also stated that governments and judges should not be making the ruling of marijuana's legality, but the researchers and scientists who understand how it works. 

Judge Merrick Garland, a prudent and pragmatic choice for the Supreme Court by President Obama; once said: “Don’t we have to defer to their judgement? We’re not scientist. They are”

The Judge has cited that in order for policy makers to craft proper American Public policy toward Medical Marijuana, it is vital to listen to the scientist, and especially give them a chance to do their work.

Original article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2016/03/19/marijuana-industry-cautiously-optimistic-for-supreme-court-candidate/#7a82347a3d8e

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