The Best Pipe and Bong Cleaners for Tasty Hits

The Best Pipe and Bong Cleaners for Tasty Hits

Published on 6/21/22

If you're a seasoned smoker that prefers a bong, you know how important it is to keep it clean. A clean bong keeps mold from growing and ensures you get a cleaner hit every time, so making sure you're cleaning it right matters. What is the best way to clean your bong? What is the best bong cleaner? Let's talk about bong cleaners and the best ways to ensure you're keeping your equipment mold-free. 

Why It's Important to Clean Your Bong

Bongs require water to vaporize your cannabis, so it's easy for bacteria, mold, and fungi to collect when the device goes uncleaned. Over time, tar will build up, resulting in harder, harsher hits and an increased risk of mold. If you smoke from a bong with mold and bacteria growing inside it, you risk increased respiratory problems and the chance of immediate health concerns. Additionally, clean bongs provide better, fresher, and easier hits. Because of this, it's recommended that you clean your bong every couple of uses - at least once per week if you use your bong daily. Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways to do this. 

Different Bong Cleaning Techniques

The best strategy for cleaning your bong is to utilize a variety of cleaning techniques. Each method has specific benefits. When you oscillate between different cleaning techniques, you're allowing your bong to benefit from all those methods, ensuring you're not breathing any unwanted bacteria when you take a hit. Here's a list of different methods for cleaning your bong.

Rubbing Alcohol and Salt


All you need for this method is isopropyl alcohol. Make sure it's at least 70% alcohol and coarse salt. Dump all the water out of your bong and pour your alcohol and coarse salt into it. Then, plug all the holes and shake the entire piece for at least one minute. Then you pour out the salt and alcohol, rinse with warm water until there's no alcohol or salt in the bong, and repeat until you're satisfied.

Boiling Water

For this cleaning method, all you need is boiling water. It's not as effective as rubbing alcohol because the hot water won't disinfect your piece, but it should at least purge it of build-up and offer a quick solution. This method is great as an interim cleaning method used in between more thorough cleaning sessions. 

Magnetic Cleaners

Stuff for Stoners

Magnetic cleaners offer a unique advantage for cleaning glass bongs. You pour in a solution and drop a scrubber that magnetically connects to a scrubber handle you have on the outside of the glass. You can then move the handle on the outside to control where the bong cleaner magnet scrubber on the inside goes, directing it through the solution to get a deep scrub everywhere.


Like rubbing alcohol, cleaning solutions offer a quick, easy option requiring you to fill your bong with a solution, shake, rinse, and repeat. The difference between rubbing alcohol and solutions is that solutions are specifically designed to clean your glassware. Below, you can find a list of some of the best bong cleaners available. 

The Best Bong Cleaner Solution Available

Formula 420 Cleaner

One of the most well-known glass cleaners available is 420 cleaner, which can be found online or in most larger retail stores (it's available via Walmart). Non-toxic and biodegradable, this formula only takes one minute to clean your bong thoroughly. All you have to do is pour one part cleaner and one part water into your bong, then gently shake and swirl for one minute. It works on plastic, acrylic, silicone, and glass. 36 ounces of this cleaner will run you roughly $24.

Randy's Black Label Cleaner

Just look up Randy's Black Label on Instagram to see the before and after photos - it'll become clear why this is considered some of the best glass pipe cleaner available. This simple product can be used on glass, metal, and ceramic bongs. Put up to two ounces of the Black Label Cleaner into your bong, shake and swirl for one minute, then let sit for 4-6 minutes and wash out with soap and water. Just like that, your glass will be looking as good as new. You can find Randy's Black Label Cleaner online or at a local glass shop - 24 ounces costs about $22. 

Grunge Off

This glass bong cleaner prides itself on being an advanced formula capable of getting any residue off your smoke ware. The contents are non-toxic and alcohol-free, and the cleaner is reusable. To use Grunge Off, pour the cleaner into your glassware and lightly shake it for a minute before letting it sit. Any residue on your glass bong should come off in minutes. You can purchase 16 ounces of Grunge Off online for roughly $20. 

Ooze Resolution

Ooze Resolution is a gel reusable bong cleaner with three simple steps. You pour the ooze into your bong, seal the holes (Ooze Resolution sells a special sealing cap separately to complete the bong cleaner kit), and then shake to activate the gel. Once activated, let your piece soak for up to 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The ingredients contain no alcohol or abrasives and are packaged with eco-friendly materials. 240ML of this glass cleaner goes for about $10 and can be purchased online or in select glass shops across the US.

Orange Chronic

This brand makes glass cleaners and air fresheners, and their water pipe cleaner is incredible. No scrubbing is required. All you have to do is put a few ounces of this cleaner in your bong, plug the holes, shake for about a minute, and then dump and rinse. The reviews speak for themselves, and the cleaner even leaves a slight scent of fresh oranges. You can purchase them online or find them in glass stores near you. It's also an easy bong cleaner Amazon purchase - you can get 32 ounces for roughly $20. 

Bong Blaster

Unlike the other options on this list, Bong Blaster is a powdered multi-surface cleaner. Put 1-2 teaspoons of powder into your bong and fill with hot water. After about five minutes, the built-up residue around your glass will deteriorate and then be rinsed out. You can buy this cheap bong cleaner at about $12 for 5 ounces. It can be purchased online and shipped to you anywhere in the US.

What do you use to clean your bong? Let us know what your favorite bong cleaner kit is and other preferred methods you use. Comment below!

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