Best Rolling Papers of 2022

Best Rolling Papers of 2022

Published on 5/11/22

Nothing gives a cannabis fan more stress than rolling that perfect joint. Some of us may have the touch and can do it with our eyes shut, while others struggle to get the right length, thickness, consistency, and perfect swirl. The good news is that the type of rolling paper you choose can turn a mediocre joint into a grade-A spliff. Some stoners may already have their brand preferences, while others may not know the difference between one and the other. Here are some of the best rolling paper brands available in 2022. 

Picking a Winner

What is the difference between good rolling papers and bad? As with many things, experience helps: we've all spent just a few bucks on the cheapest papers and know to avoid them. If you don't know what's good or don't even know what you want, you should consider a few factors. First is material: not all papers are made of the same materials since the term "paper" can describe many different things. Rice papers may be light and airy but can also absorb moisture and turn damp. Hemp papers can give you a bonus CBD hit but will cost a bit extra. Generally speaking, thinner papers are typically better since they prevent uneven burns (known in the stoner community as "canoeing" because one side of the joint doesn't burn). Finally, consider spending the extra dollar on higher-grade papers. 

Must-Try Rolling Papers



One of the most popular options on the market, Raw rolling papers, is available in nearly every dispensary, head shop, and even a few gas stations, just because everyone knows them. Much like McDonald's burgers, they aren't necessarily the best, but they are likely to be the most popular. That's not to say they are low in quality: Raw features a variety of different options, including hemp and their super-thin Double Black, making them an excellent go-to when time is tight as well as an option when you're in the mood to shop around.


So named for the great pyramids of Egypt, Gizah's name is pretty ironic considering they sell some of the smallest sets of rolling papers on the market. While they can be frustrating for a novice stoner trying to put together a good joint and impress a significant other, they're surprisingly durable. They claim to be the only paper on the market that's 100% organic; if that's a choice in your purchase, you can't do much better.



There are low-grade papers, mid-grade papers, and high-end papers. Then there's OCB, which is the closest thing in the smoking community to a Maserati. Like so many other things in life, you get what you pay for, and when you buy OCB papers, you get great quality. They're so thin you can see through the paper, and their plant fiber mix has no fewer than 200 years of history behind its success. If you want to smoke like a baller, choose OCB papers.


Leading the list of cool rolling papers is Element, whose formula is simple: rice and sugar. Your joint doesn't turn into a bowl of rice pudding, but because there's very little material holding these babies together, there's almost no ash once the fire starts burning. The design features a watermark, furthermore, that prevents running. Element is an excellent choice of rolling papers for those who want something that works every time, no questions asked. 

Blazy Susan


You may roll your eyes and think of Blazy Susan as an example of novelty rolling papers since their trademark is their pink coloration. But nothing is wrong with novelty, especially in a cannabis community that may be reluctant to try something new. With natural dye and no GMOs, this France-based rolling paper company promises good quality materials that make your next smoke session into a unique experience.


At just two dollars per pack, Vibes is the cheapest entry on the list, full stop. However, that doesn't make it low quality. The paper is designed to be easy to grip, while the ultra-thin texture gives a slower burn that allows you to enjoy the joint on your own schedule - no hurry up formation because the clock is ticking. 


Zig-Zag Facebook

You can get Zig-Zag at just about any store that caters to the cannabis community. These French papers have been around for over a century because smokers, including both tobacco and cannabis smokers, have found them better than the competition. While they lack some of the capabilities of other papers on this list, they are inexpensive, dependable, and provide a solid structure for a good joint. 

Do you have a preference for cannabis papers? What do you think are the best, and what do you think are the worst? Let us know in the comments below!

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