Top 6 THC Disposable Vapes 2022

Top 6 THC Disposable Vapes 2022

Published on 10/10/22

THC disposable vapes are becoming increasingly popular because of how convenient they are. As we pass the halfway point in 2022 and sprint into 2023, we'd like to highlight this year's best disposable vape options and the brands that make them. Keep reading to take a look at six good disposable cannabis vapes we think you should give a shot next.

What Is A THC Vape?

If you're new to the cannabis scene, here's a brief rundown of vapes, which is short for vaporizers. These ingenious devices are used for cannabis consumption. There is a battery that charges the device and a cartridge that contains cannabis oil (or dry flower, depending on the model) that is heated via an atomizer when you press a discreet little button. Vape pens are thought to be a healthier alternative to traditional smoking via joints or pipes (although they do not negate the adverse side effects of smoking entirely), and they offer a more precise experience that's better for microdosing.

Disposable vs. Rechargeable Vape Cartridges

Vape pens can either be rechargeable/reusable or disposable. Rechargeable vapes are often a little larger, less discreet, and more expensive. They last a lot longer (clearly) and offer much more control over your smoking experience. They can also come with the ability to fill your own cartridges with a variety of cannabis products, including oils, hash, and dry flower. There is, however, a solid argument for using disposables. They're cheaper, more discreet, very stylish, and fit in the palm of your hand. There are even one-time-use weed vape options for people looking for the highest level of efficiency and discretion. Of course, we also highly recommend that you recycle whenever possible to be a conscientious consumer.

The Best THC Disposable Vape Brands of 2022


Available in California, Colorado, and Michigan, this unique brand specializes in disposable THC vape cartridges. Eureka was founded in California in 2011 and claims to be the company that discovered CO2 extraction, which is a big deal. Beyond this, what sets them apart is the quality of their pens and the varieties they offer. Their classic disposables are heavy-metal free with 80-90% THC and are available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Their Fusion Disposables are made from highly potent distillates and come in six unique flavors. They also have a premium THC disposable pen made with small-batch live resin for a smooth, potent smoking experience. Depending on the type, these vape cartridges cost anywhere from $20 to $60.

Mile High Xtractions

As you can guess from its name, Mile High Xtractions (MHX) is based out of Colorado and has products available throughout the state. They pride themselves on being responsible, compliant cannabis extractors that put out a consistent, top-level product. Their extraction process uses food-grade ethanol and molecular distillation, and they reintroduce terpenes specific to the strain they extracted to provide a holistic smoking experience. A one-gram disposable THC vape pen from MHX will run you about $45, which is more than worth it if you're looking for a high-quality, efficient experience. They are some of the best THC pens on the market.


This high-end cannabusiness has a variety of disposable THC vapes available across California, Oregon, and Washington. Sold in over 1,000 dispensaries across the three states and 14 different cultivation sites for local, fresh cannabis, Buddies is one of the most available, approachable brands on the market. They believe in a holistic experience based on quality cannabis, which shows in their products. There are three different types of vape cartridges from Buddies: Liquid Diamonds Live Resin, Live Distillate, and Distillate with CDT (cannabis-derived terpenes). Along with all the other reasons you should try out Buddies, their vapes are usually only between $35 and $50.


Lauded by GQ and TIME as one of the best inventions on the market, Dosist vapes has most recently been recognized for their new vape battery. However, they have a line of disposable THC vapes that includes a variety of different products, including a single-use marijuana vape pen. Their baseline, Core, consists of a CBD pen and Indica and Sativa pens with roughly 68% THC. They also have THC Plus pens, which have 80% THC and come in Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica, and a live resin option made in partnership with Bear Extracts. Dosist has been around since 2016 and can currently be found in California and Nevada, and they have plans to expand to Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, and Canada.


If you're looking for fancy, high-tech, cannabis-made art, Ispire is the brand you should be looking at. Their collection includes reusable cartridges, batteries, and even dabbing rigs. Of course, we're here to look at their disposable vapes, which come in a wide variety of styles and purposes. Each of the five options in their disposable Ducore AIO series comes in an array of colors and offers sleek, discreet, modern designs that are perfect for efficient vaping while guaranteeing a premium experience. Their pens come with leakproof tanks and an increased airflow system, which is part of Ispire's mission to provide quality and innovation with a fully US-based operation. You can get these pens throughout the US and Canada, including states like Colorado, California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Maine.


This incredible organization's goal is to integrate itself with the cannabis community by creating quality products that feed into projects like the Last Prison Project, the Floret Coalition, and Eaze Momentum. If you want to get into disposable vapes and support a socially conscious brand, make sure to give Leune a try. Their disposable all-in-one vaporizers are small, discreet things that look like genuine e-cigarettes. They are 250mg each and come in various THC/CBD ratios, including a live resin option. You can purchase Leune disposables for anywhere between $29 and $40 throughout California and Arizona at the moment.

Do you prefer reusable or disposable vapes? Do you have a favorite brand and type of vape pen? Let us know in the comments below!

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