5 Unique Carb Caps for the Trendy Stoner

5 Unique Carb Caps for the Trendy Stoner

Published on 1/14/23

Besides actually taking the hit, using cute accessories is one of the most fun parts of dabbing. Carb caps, for example, are a simple and affordable way to customize your rig to be as unique as you are. Read on for some of our favorite adorable carb caps on the market.

What is Dabbing?

The process of dabbing is to smoke dabs, which are more concentrated forms of cannabis that come in many textures, from wax to oil, smoked in a dab rig or electronic dab pen. Dabbing occurs at extremely hot temperatures in the range of 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit Dabs are named for their texture and can be extracted in various ways to emphasize different qualities and burn differently.

What Tools Do You Need?

A typical dab rig looks similar to a bong and has a chamber for water, but instead of a bowl, a rig has a nail or banger to light with a blowtorch, then drop a dab on (once you allow it to cool to your desired temperature).

When using a dab rig, you will also need a variety of accessories to ensure safety and efficacy, and quite a few that you can find in a cute, stylish version. You'll need a dabber (a long, thin tool used to pick up your concentrates), a banger or nail (the bowl-like piece used to hold concentrates), a butane torch, and a carb cap.

What is a Carb Cap?

The word "carb" is short for "carburetor" a term borrowed from the automobile industry. In a pipe, a coverable hole on the side acts as a carburetor, allowing you to control the heat, size, and direction of the airflow.

On a dab rig, you place the carb cap atop the nail to restrict the airflow to the nail and burning concentrate. Besides limiting the airflow, a carb cap also helps the nail retain heat.

Unique Carb Caps for Trendy Stoners

1. UFO Carb Cap by Empire Glassworks

This carb cap by Empire Glassworks is absolutely out of this world! Featuring a Martian sitting pretty in his spaceship, this directional carp cap will help direct airflow and prevent wasting your precious vapor when you cap off your banger. This cap is compatible with thermal and banger nails, including most cup-style bangers. Besides its perfect functionality, this little alien also glows fluorescent under UV light. The UFO carb cap is made in California and is available on 420GlassSearch for $39.99.

2. Octopus Carb Cap by Smoke Cartel

This adorable carp cap looks straight from under the sea with a colorful little octopus to sit atop your rig and get the most out of your dab sessions. At 23mm, this carp cap made of borosilicate glass allows the user to control the airflow and maximize the dab's vaporization. This will give you longer, more powerful, and flavorful hits than simply hitting the rig without a cap. It will also significantly minimize concentrate waste because most of it will be vaporized and inhaled. It comes in various assorted colors, including lime green, ice blue, navy, cherry red, and maroon, for $29.95 from Smoke Cartel.

3. Mushroom Carb Cap by Cannastyle

This adorable cottage-core carb cap features our second favorite plant, besides cannabis, of course: mushrooms! This cute pair of yellow mushrooms sit atop a disc-shaped carb cap, mimicking the meadow they're sprouting from. It is also available in both green and blue. It is crafted with grooved channels to create a spiraling air flow in the heating chamber and maximize your hit. It's made of durable borosilicate glass with a 32mm diameter. You can find this adorable cap on Cannastyle for $18.

4. Gumball Machine Carb Cap by Empire Glassworks

This adorable gumball machine carb cap pays homage to your favorite childhood treat with an iconic vending machine shape. This carb cap is a testament to Empire Glassworks' lampwork mastery and intricate glass-blowing abilities. Filled with a variety of colorful gumballs, this cap not only saves your vapor but adds a touch of whimsy. Featuring directional airflow capabilities and made of borosilicate glass, this Gumball Machine Carb Cap is well worth the investment for $65 at Empire Smokes.

5. Glow in the Dark Carb Cap by Croia Glass

This orb-shaped carb cap is a beautiful piece of modern art that helps you take a better toke, too. This directional airflow carb cap provides angled airflow and is glow-in-the-dark to boot. Compatible with dab rig bangers, this unique piece comes in a variety of fun colors like pink, lime, and blue. Collect them all and get lost in the bubble texture of hand-blown glass as you maximize your vapor production. This orb-shaped carb cap is available for $10.99 at Croia Glass.

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