Top 6 Strains High in Camphene

Top 6 Strains High in Camphene

Published on 1/15/23

A single gram of cannabis may have many different terpenes within its structure. Terpenes exist naturally in all plants, from cannabis to crabgrass, and are used for various reasons ranging from defense against pests to reproduction. The terpenes within cannabis do much more than help get you high: they can affect mood, appetite and even have medical applications. Camphene is one important terpene that has many fans in the cannabis community, reflecting its interesting effects and the many different strains that specialize in its growth. What does camphene do, and what camphene strains are high in this terpene?

Terpene Taxonomy

Terpenes are responsible for many of the sensory effects we associate with plants. Walk through a mountain forest, and you can smell the pine trees' zesty scents, a reflection of their pinene terpenes. These same pinene terpenes can also make cannabis strains smell like pine trees, just as the limonene terpene in cannabis can make bud smell like lemons or limes.

Terpenes can affect other aspects of our senses. Some are famous for putting people to sleep, meaning that a quick puff before bedtime can help to combat insomnia and bring a good night's rest. Others increase appetite, alleviate anxiety, or help you to relax. While THC and CBD get the most attention from cannabis consumers, the terpenes within weed may do just as much to affect your sense of getting high.

Camphene and Cannabis

Like some other terpenes, Camphene benefits are primarily associated with health. The camphene terpene is a known antioxidant, meaning that it affects the health of cells, potentially staving off the spread of cancer cells. Antioxidants also affect cardiovascular function, meaning camphene is a "heart-healthy" terpene. For this reason, camphene synthesis is popular, and it is possible to buy pure terpene as an oil. Since the terpenes that make up the camphene structure can lower the lipid levels of your body, it can also be used for inflammation, making it a valuable medicinal compound. Camphene is also known for its pleasant, earthy smell. Camphene oil is sometimes used as an air freshener or personal fragrance to capture the outdoor aroma.

Ghost OG

A hybrid strain based on OG Kush, Ghost OG is high in both camphene and myrcene. With relatively modest statistics - an average of 20% THC and no CBD - this is a calming, relaxing strain best enjoyed at the end of a busy day. Ghost OG has won several Cannabis Cup awards and is well-known in the medicinal community for its power to fight pain, insomnia, and depression.

Strawberry Banana

As you can guess from the name, the Strawberry Banana strain has a particularly fruity taste. Its high limonene content that gives it the taste can mask its strong camphene levels, making this indica strain a multi-faceted choice for terpene fans. A cross of Banana Kush and Bubble Gum, Strawberry Banana has plenty of great taste and a 1% CBG rate, meaning it is a good choice for pain management.

Mendocino Purps

Take a quick look at a gram of Mendocino Purps, and it is quite clear where the strain gets its name from. The beautiful, rich violet coloration that gives this strain its title gives it a grape flavor and a calming aroma. The high quantities of camphene in the strain make it a familiar favorite among tokers, while growers love the short harvest cycle, flowering in as little as eight weeks. With a taste described as coffee and pine forest, it is both dazzling to look at and dazzling to smoke.


Named after the excellent band (who themselves were named after the electrical current), ACDC is a phenotype of the Cannatonic strain. It is overwhelmingly favored in the medicinal rather than recreational community, reflecting its high 13% CBD rate. The vast amount of cannabidiol and camphene terpenes make it excellent for pain management, appetite issues, or anxiety. It is even prescribed after chemotherapy for cancer patients who need help with their appetite or mood.

Hazmat OG

Stoners love to give strains creative names, and there are few names more striking than Hazmat. With 22% THC, you may feel like you are in a hazmat suit once you smoke this strain, whose energizing, uplifting effects are perfect for social interactions or special occasions. Hazmat, a cross of Chemdawg and Faceoff, has a classic diesel flavoring. Its champhene terpenes are not as prevalent as its myrcenes but still abundant nevertheless.

White Strawberry

A hybrid of The White and Strawberry Cough, this strain tastes like strawberries. It boasts more than just a nice flavor, as it is famous for helping with everything from digestion problems to depression. White Strawberry has 2% CBG to its name, making it great as a medicinal option, but at 18% THC, it will get you plenty high, too. It has been described as a "spacy" high, one that helps to alleviate frustrations by helping you get straight to the moon.

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