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It is required that all patients be 21 years of age or older. We require that you do provide us with an ID for registering you. Also, be sure to ask about our loyalty program. 🔥🤮🌿🍭 Welcome to the Stoned family Thanks.


  Our goal is to provide satisfaction to our patients. Constantly we are adding new stains to our catalog to ensure our patients are getting the best we have to offer. Communication between ourselves and patients is essential to great...


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    Scammers / fraudsters selling fake cartridges. Do not fall victim to this crap.

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    The price is right.

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    Driver showed up exactly on agreed time. Great text communication between order and delivery. We purchased a 1/4 flower and a Dank oil cartridge. I never heard of dank but a Buick Google search showed they are knocked off a lot. I actually found counterfeit packing boxes on Alibaba. But this was the real thing! Everything is legit. Watch the YouTube videos on how to spot a fake dank. This was marketed as 'tangie'. I took two deep hit then fell into a very relaxed chill. Then an hour later got in the mood to make dinner and plow the snow. It was a nice and relaxing chill. My friend got the flower but I haven't heard from him yet on the quality.
    I would buy from STB again in a heartbeat. We are in the process of checking out all the deliveries on WheresWeed. STB is one of favorites at the time of this review. There is a $20 delivery fee but they may throw in a freebie. We got gummy bananas but haven't tried them yet. I've never tried an edible before. Might hit it on Saturday. You can't go wrong with this delivery company.

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