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Hard working group of people with a great passion in this business. We provide nothing but top shelf flowers, carts, edibles and more. You will not be disappointed and guaranteed to try again!

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    Great guys - professional, reliable and timely - plus you can't beat delivery of flower right to your door within a couple of hours!

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    Today was a sucky day so normally I go through Ganja Gala cause there quality is great service is nice takes awhile to get to you but they dont play no games now I placed an order at 2:08pm for theses guys since they told me they would deliver to my town and Ganja Gala is booked for today anyways..So I place an order for a Half Ounce of Gelato #41 was so excited to try this strain sounded like something id like didnt hear nothing from theses guys until i texted them around 4:07pm askin them when they'd be here around they said about a hour via text at 4:08pm quick response havent heard nothing since its now 6:44pm I texted asking if they decided not to show all of sudden that its been little over 2 hours no texts back now so kind of a bummer i waited since 2pm for honest delivery and I got stood up instead wouldve been nice if you just said no instead of wasting my time lucky I have some dank bud i got from a friend yesterday but still im trying to help support your business during hard times but your loosing a customer..Guess ill stick with Ganja Gala next time since they are reliable

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