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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I was totally ripped off i always spent a lot of money there and they send me shatter taste like smoking hair or sucking on a fart and they won’t even stand by there product

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    DO NOT USE CannaCareBC!!!
    This was more sketchy than EVER buying from the Black Market!!
    Their driver opened his door, forcefully hitting me and knocking me back. He jumped out and punched me in the face!!!
    He took off with the marijuana (which is medicinal) AND my money!!!
    CannaCareBC ==> CanUhNotCare!!
    I am still waiting for CannaCareBC to make amends. Last time they contacted me, the just showed up at my apartment trying to give my money back... Didn't bother contacting me before showing up. Didn't have any concern for my well being, after being attacked by THEIR EMPLOYEE!!! Just said "We have your money here."
    Knowing CannaCareBC they had planned to jump me when I got outside. "Here, come and get some money. Everything is safe."
    Police have been notified and a report has been started.
    Please, DO NOT LET this happen to YOU!!
    DO NOT USE CannaCareBC!!!!

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    Absolutely horrible customer service. The lady that answers the phone has always been nothing but rude and especially yesterday after THEIR mistake with a driver. Drivers are also very sketchy random people and most have trouble with simple cash math. Will never be ordering from them again.

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