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Dispensary Reviews in Apple Valley, CA

  • made my butthole itchy

  • Friendly knowledgeable staff awsome shop

    Cody B. reviewed Cookies
  • Had me send the money after stating they have a driver and provided a 13 minute ETA. Confirmed driver was on the way. After 25 minutes of waiting I reached back out and was told the driver could no longer come due to their spouse acquiring an injury earlier the same day. After requesting a refund I was told they would deliver in a "few". Its 1 AM at this point so I said if it wasnt gonna be there within 10-15 minutes then they need to issue the refund through paypal. No response after 10 minutes so I followed back up. Still no response. Unreliable and bad business.

  • Always good buds & best prices on town. My #1 shop in the city

  • Very fast delivery, and competitive prices!

  • How you get the number for this place, won't come up

  • Great deals great service great buds FIVE STARS EVERY TIME 👽

  • Love the product and service!!!

  • Always a pleasant experience! Good edible choices,wonderful, and helpful bud Tenders!

  • I went in as a first time customer last night and I LOVED THE CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM JULIZA 👌👍 BEST BUDTENDER EVER!!!!thanks girl!!!also spot was easy to find

  • I went to this Salinas Cannifornia facility at the invitation of Lilly Morrison, and Dimitri ("Dima") the company's CEO for the last round of interviews for a Directorate level role within the company. I have written documentation that substantiates that my travel expenses would be fully and completely reimbursable to me. My travel expenses totaled $678.41. This included round trip airfare on Southwest, rental car plus fuel, and transportation to and from the airport of origin. Now I am being told that only $550 will be covered because that is what they think is appropriate. These are the actual e-mails: From Lilly to me: "Hi Michael, I will see if Venmo or a check works better for the company. As I informed you in your previous email, only $550 was approved for travel expenses. Not approved was your upgrade to business class or an Uber taken on the Thursday after our trip. You will only be reimbursed for the approved amount. Hopefully I will have an update

  • Horrible, unprofessional, never answers, & gives bad delivery times. The quality is okay, but the pricing is the best if you want to go through the hassle of getting weed, I recommend TOPS delivery! Super fast! Easy! And Professional & great quality.

  • This used to be my regular spot, but after being very rudely treated two times in a row, I am done. There are places with better product. I don't need the attitudes.

  • I really enjoy the privacy when I'm being helped their prices and products are reasonable and top shelf GOODIES

  • Closed down thanks

  • Great homestead for pure natured smokers.Church grown cali sown roots....collective by every sence of the word..

  • Avoid this place by all costs. I just left here and not only was my bud tender rude and nasty to me but she also didn’t give me all the Cannabis I paid for. She actually shorted me by 3 grams. I did not know this until I made it home and opened my bag. On top of her getting smart with me she snatched my money out of my hand. This place is such a joke. They’re in a black neighborhood but all their bud tenders are rude white and immigrant girls who are ghetto and wear black women hair styles. They are trash.

    TVGirl reviewed HighSpot
  • Best shop in town!

  • Good quality product but always boosting prices since they get a lot of traffic. Super inattentive bud tenders. Super skinny mexican chick with acne kept shouting across the room to her co worker about eating dinner. Probably stoned out of her mind packed up the totally wrong strains for me.. I could let the shitty service and high prices slide.. but its obvious your employees are used to giving sub par service while expecting tips for their tits hanging out

  • Wow!! I have encountered 2 different situations that I was shocked and very upset with. The first was on a Friday afternoon when I purchased a top shelf eighth of premium flower and got home to be informed by my boyfriend that did I realize that there is seeds in this flower. Which means I bought flower from a male plant. I have been smoking for well over 30 years and smoking flower with seeds is against all I believe in. My second encounter was again a week past my last bad encounter and again on a Friday afternoon I bought another top shelf eighth of flower but this time it had seed pods, Has anyone encountered the same or similar problems that I have?. Outside of that I'm very leery on spending my hard earned money on garbage and to be mislead by the packaging that I'm, buying top shelf, when I'm not. The budtenders are very courteous but lack proper knowledge to inform medical patients of updated and proper information. For the patients that rely on the advice given by the budtende

    Tyandell reviewed Phenos
  • good product and service

  • This place sold me a fake Stiiizy. Straight up not cool. I really would like my money back because it’s just sitting here.. thanks for nothing Anaheim greens. I’m never coming back here ever and telling all the people I know about you’re fake stiiizy pods. Such bs.

  • Yay yay come check them out cool shop in harbor city

  • I will never return to this place. Ordered 4 grams and was only given 2. I got home and thought it looked light. So, I weighed it out. Sure enough it's half of what I paid for. I called them to get the simple matter resolved and was told "They could do nothing about it." Complete garbage customer service. You guys literally robbed me. So good job. 2 time a week customer is no longer a customer.

  • Rip off I've made several orders through this service over the past few months and usually no problems. Last night I placed an order for raw gardens live [email protected]$45.00 g 840pm Driver [email protected]:23 Usually I'll ask the rep to open and show the contents but since i had used this service regularly I felt safe. BIG [email protected] 11:30 requested driver to come back and look at the product as it was almost empty and crushed against the jar. The driver refused to come back claiming "he's not authorized to drive anywhere without dispatch approval or instructions, i was instructed to text at 11:30 am the following day to speak with management. GD did reach out VIA TEXT the following day to ASK"what my isse was" sent the same photos that i sent to the Driver . Was told it was normal and basically disregarded VIA TEXT. Since they weren't going to take a momentand come look at the product and given an oh well attitude! i scraped and weighed the contents. . .. 45+3.60+5tip= 53.60 for 0

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