Dispensary Reviews in Aromas, CA

  • Hi my name is christinna marquez, They were fast delivery and i waited for under less than an hour. The driver was so nice. And he had good customer service. Will recommend to anybody. Thanks

  • Right up to the point where I bought $120 worth of vape pens that refused deliver medicine. Of the 4 pens, I tried 2. I dropped by today and asked for a refund. They responded with "store credit only". Ok, I can do that... They hand 2 of them back to me, I said “No, they probably all don’t work, I’d like to return them all -- a 50% failure rate is a pretty good indication of a bad batch.” Nope, can’t do that. Then can I just smoke the two left to see if they are broken too? Nope – didn’t you know that this brand is not at all strong? But I can’t even tell it’s got any medicine at all… They said "no, only for the two that you tried before". I said “I didn't try the other two because the first two failed. Why would I possibly destroy more product

  • I got some DMFE, and it took care of all my problems. You also get two free gifts with the first visit!

  • I never used a delivery service before, so it was mine and my daughters first time. She called them up and was told Adam will be arriving in 20 - 30 mins. 20 mins later Adam shows up with a big black "suitcase". He was very friendly and handed us our paperwork and checked our Rec cards. Adam had a very nice selection of buds, edibles and concentrates. He even had butter!!! :D I decided on the Lemon Sour Diesel ($40 1/8) as I suffer from insomnia and need some good Indica that will help me to fall asleep. I was NOT disappointed. The bud smoked perfectly and had a great lemony taste. The buds smoke slow which I love! I received 2 free gifts for being a first time customer and I choose the chocolates that are $5. I ate those as well last night and drifted off to sleep with ease. I'm very happy with the whole experience with Adam and Redwoods Mobile and will definitely be calling back!

  • This delivery service kicks ass! They always hook it up and offer some of the best bud out there. Definitely hit em up. :)

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