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Dispensary Reviews in Buena Park, CA

  • The brother has prompted this website “MMJ Herb” to order the doctor's recommendation here. Everything is well located and written on the site, there are 4 packages which can be chosen by the clients. Terms of sending the doctors’ recommendation are very quick. I’m glad to use your services:-)

  • Message me hook up call me 2133186923

  • There is very simple registration on the website, the doctor quickly writes out recommendations for medical marijuana. And all services are for cheap prices!

  • I have found your website through the social networks. I and my relatives couldn't quickly receive the medicine without the help from MMJ Herb. The main thing about this service is that the clinic works completely legally! We’ve received a recommendation and got the medicine without any questions. It is excellent that you provide such a useful service, good luck :-)

  • I only have my I'd in mine don't have it on me. I know the number Am on my way it free

  • They had a good service there an fast as well as open on the right day an right time I can wake up in the middle of the night an say I wanna smoke an jump in my car head there way mind you in coming 4rm Compton lol...

  • Horrible

  • They rip you off. Went on vacation here gave dude 400 bucks he walks in back and I never seen guy again. They will rip you off. Don't ever go to this place

  • Trying it out so far very good, great location and good customer service!! Very friendly will def return

  • I love the guys at g.o.d its always a pleasure

  • Cool bud in deals fuc with em. Much love.steven davis

  • Awesome delivery time around 20-30 mins. Excellent delivery, differently going to order again.

  • had a great highm riding my bike around the neighborhood. Super nice head high. HIGHly recommended to any stoners in the LA area, very quick delivery. Thx guys you rock!

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