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  • Absolute strongest and healthiest clones I’ve sourced. Thank you.

  • I haven’t really gotten a hold of anybody yet so I can’t really tell you but I will

  • I'm from Seattle and know quality and good service when I see it. I was pleasantly surprised to find PRC! Highly recommended!


  • I have been using OSD for 3+ years and the staff is always friendly and the product is high quality. I don't use edibles, so I cannot rate them, but the bud is always good.

  • Great customer service and along with your weed delivery you get a free edible, lighter, papers, and pre rolled joint. And amazing weed.

  • From before the legal laws I came to this facility and found the staff very helpful in describing their products and the uses. I was a total beginner and need pain management .

  • I honestly love it! It doesn't get any better with their ease of ordering style and laid back staff. I'm a seasoned vet, too old to go cheap or compromise quality. Always satisfied and leaves me saying it's an all around great outfit!

  • Everyone from the person who answers the phone to the delivery girls is knowledgeable and very nice. They usually delivery in about 30, unless it's extra busy then it might take an hour.

  • A lot better than most dispensaries, great deals & prices!

  • 5 star review for sure

  • CLOSED. Don't bother

  • i love this service,first impressions are the best.

  • Totally rude owner and staff. I feel like im getting ripped off every time ive gone. i dont want to pay $20 for a gr. of mediocre bud. I feel like im being waited on by children. They are always pre medicated and talk about being "high" while working. Prices are expensive, too many choices to pick from, good and bad.. The owner is rude rude rude, making lots and lots of money, he has let the employees and customers know hes in a bad mood more than once while at the counter. cheezy, sleezy, ripoffzy

  • A rip off due to poor math skills. They offer you a 10% vet discount but add 10% above the normal cost in order to give you that discount. The average patient would pay 95 a 1/4 without the discount bUT it's 100 if you're seeking the discount. All because the current bud tenders can't subtract 10% from any total. Our education at it's finest...

  • I was very impressed with the dispensary. Professional feel. Well run front office and even better medical room. Can't wait to go back. All of the meds are from Northern California. NO local stuff. :)


  • Large selection of products and very nice, knowledgeable and helpful staff. If I shop anywhere else, it will only be out of curiosity. Wish they were closer to me but I have to shop in the area anyway.

  • Everyone is so friendly and helpful.. I love it there and the deals are the best in the valley

  • As of Friday, January 11, 2013, the dispensary was "Closed Until Further Notice". Sign was posted on front doors. Bummer

  • San Francisco Sourdough is A+...highly recommended!!!

    Clowd9 reviewed Clowd 9
  • Organic Solutions is the only dispensary that has ever charged taxes on my cannabis purchases. What is up with that? When I was there I picked out a couple of varieties and told the guy to round it up to equal $180. The budtender took forever trying to figure out how much would be. When I asked him why it was so hard to figure out, he said "well it get's tricky when you have to add in the tax". Turns out I paid over $12 just in taxes!!!! I don't pay taxes on any other perscriptions I purchase, so why is Organic Solutions charging taxes? I also didn't care for the vib at the dispensary either. It was like the two guys there were a little too high and didn't really want to be working, and in fact they weren't really working. They hardly spoke to me! Later Organic Solutions...much later.

  • even though the location is the hardest place to find out of all the dispenseries in thousand palms, Hands down Hazy colitas is the best they have has the best service, the best prices, the best bud and the best staff . I enjoyed my experience and cannot wait for another one .thank you hazy colitas

  • I went in there at the beginning of the year to get some medicine and the help was fantastic! The bud quality was amazing and the atmosphere was comfortable.... not anymore though, I don't know what happened but that girl sure did mess things up.

  • They have some great meds, the OK is amazing! I'm running low so I will be ordering soon. From all the other reviews I just have to say I KNOW RIGHT!

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