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    The bud isn't bad but it's way over priced and bad hours. They don't open until 11 and I always get charged a different price by different people. Totally worth going down the sreet to vallejo to get a better selection and price at old Harley shop

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    Best dispensary in the area !
    This place has a great selection, and absolutely the best pricing. (first gm, $20.... every gram after that, only $10, for every top shelf strain they had ! And They had so many top shelf strains, I would have had a hard time choosing. But the people there know their weed, and gave me some excellent suggestions. I now have a new fav strain.... but not saying, as I don't want them to sell it all out, before I can get more ;) They also had a bigger supply of triple strength Kiva bars than I have ever seen ! I just LOVE this place :)
    Anybody from Sac or San Fran, would be smart to take a 40-60 min drive to check this place out.

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